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                  2. 3d试机号历史对照表Supplier for Power inverter. Modify sine wave inverter,Pure sine wave inverter,Solar inverter,dc ac converter




                    Home > About us

                    About us

                    Shenzhen Heng Ye Da Elec. Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of inverters and some other consumer electronics.

                    3d试机号历史对照表Quality is our way of life .with rich experience in technique researching. designing.Manufacturing process.quality control.before-after sale service for our products. With well complete equipped manufacturing department such as Wire Molding team, Plastic team, Wiring team, Component Inserting team, Assembling team and Packing team; efficient and stringent operation procedure are executed throughout all stages of production,initials from order receiving, production plan control, material management, R&D, trial-production, mass production, quality control, repairing products to defects management, which enable us to guarantee on time delivery and good quality product to our customers.

                    We not only offer with OEM but also can design by your requirement.
                    Our company goal is to assist our customers in the competitive industry.Our commitment is “Best Quanlity. Competitive Price. And Excellent Service”. We welcome you join us crete a prosperous business together.

                    3d试机号历史对照表12Hours Reply. Welcome inquiry from us. We will reply you within 12hours.

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