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                          2. 3d试机号历史对照表Supplier for Power inverter. Modify sine wave inverter,Pure sine wave inverter,Solar inverter,dc ac converter




                            Home > USB charger > LCD Display 8-Port USB Fast Charger Power Adapter, Desktop Charging Station, Quick Charge with Smart IC Auto Detect Tech for iPhone X/8/7, iPad and Android, Other Mobile Phone and Tablet

                            LCD Display 8-Port USB Fast Charger Power Adapter, Desktop Charging Station, Quick Charge with Smart IC Auto Detect Tech for iPhone X/8/7, iPad and Android, Other Mobile Phone and Tablet


                            3d试机号历史对照表1, 4*2.4A USB fast charger adapater for all kinds of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, cameras, iPod, Iphone series … and other products

                            3d试机号历史对照表2, LCD work instructions when the product is working

                            3d试机号历史对照表3, Including timely protection against overload and output short circuit protection measures to make the product more secure, allowing you to use more at ease


                            3d试机号历史对照表Name: 8 Port Smart charger with display

                            3d试机号历史对照表LCD screen display: display voltage and current

                            Input voltage: 100-240V AC

                            Input frequency: 50-60Hz

                            3d试机号历史对照表Output voltage: 5V

                            3d试机号历史对照表Output current: 9A

                            Output power: 45W

                            3d试机号历史对照表Size: 121*61*41.5mm

                            3d试机号历史对照表Weight: 0.5KG

                            Package Dimensions:15 x 14 x 5 cm

                            3d试机号历史对照表Package weight: 0.9KG

                            Automatic identification: automatic identification of current based on the device

                            Material: PC+ABS fire retardant

                            Color: white

                            3d试机号历史对照表Smart charging technology:

                            Smart: Automatically identify your devices and compatible them.

                            3d试机号历史对照表Fast: Identify your device’s voltage, automatically adjust the output charge, so that can charge at full speed.

                            Simple: Since 8 usb of them are equipped with automatic smart technology, you don’t need to find another suitable USB output for charge, just insert your device into any USB port.

                            Display: You can observe the charging voltage and charging current of your device through the LCD display.

                            Safety: Over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-charging, and in-rush current protection make your charger and mobile device safe.


                            The note:

                            1. Not waterproof, keep away from water, liquids, and damp places.
                            2. Prohibited from near fire, direct sunlight or overheated objects
                            3. It may be a little hot when the charger is charging. Itis normal.
                            4. It is only suitable for safe use in areas below 2000m above sea level.
                            5. Only for safe use in non-tropical climate conditions.



                            Jessie zhou


                            Shenzhen Heng Ye Da Electronic Co., Ltd.



                            Tel:0755- 86297751





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